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PIETER POURBUS at Gouda (16 April 2018)

Weekly on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, starting from 2/17/2018, until 8/23/2018

16th-century master painter

Nearly 500 years after Pieter Pourbus was born in Gouda, Museum Gouda is organising an exhibit about the painter, who in his day was at the absolute top of his profession. It is the very first exhibit dedicated to this artist in the Netherlands.

Pieter Pourbus lived during a turning point in history, when unprecedented changes in religious, political and economic life were taking place. His paintings embody the Middle Ages as well as the Renaissance. These societal changes really come to life in the collection of Museum Gouda, with a selection of altarpieces that survived the Reformation – something unique to the Netherlands. Two of these altarpieces were painted by Pourbus, one even for the nearby Sint-Jan Church.

In this spectacularly designed exhibit, both of these outstanding works can be seen next to other monumental altarpieces and excellent portraits of Pourbus. They provide a unique picture of the painter and this time.

The texts of this exhibit are displayed in two languages, English and Dutch. The exhibit is open until 17 June 2018.