On 19 July 1272, Count Floris V of Holland granted Gouda city rights. We will celebrate this extensively from April to September 2022. The celebration leans on history, but focuses on the future. Gouda750 will encourage inhabitants, companies and institutions to make the city more beautiful and more fun. The motto of the party is therefore: Pass on Gouda!

We received Gouda from the generations before us and we will pass it on to our children. And how do we want to pass the city on? More sustainable, more inclusive and more innovative! Gouda is a city to be proud of. A beautiful city to live, work and relax in.

The programme

We will celebrate Gouda750 extensively from April to September 2022. Write the dates in your agenda! We open Gouda750 on 14 April 2022 and close on 17 September 2022 with a big one-week anniversary celebration. Gouda750 is for young and old. Full of small and big events, organised for and by the city. Everyone can participate.

Are you coming to our party too?

In 6 months time, there are many events: city walks, exhibitions on all kinds of themes, sports, theatre and much more. In 2022 Gouda will be the city to celebrate the summer holidays!

The party is for everyone, young and old, big and small, Gouda citizen and visitor. During Gouda750, the city will showcase all its beauty.

For the programme and other information, please visit www.gouda750.nl