Welcome to Gouda, a real Holland Classic

Gouda is a unique town with more than 70,000 inhabitants. Gouda is centrally located, directly by the motorway and not far from cities like Utrecht, Rotterdam, The Hague or Leiden. Gouda is easy to combine with a visit to the windmills of Kinderdijk or the flowers of the Keukenhof. Gouda is world famous for its cheese, syrup waffles, pipes and earthenware. All the most important places in Gouda’s compact town centre are within walking distance. Wander through narrow picturesque streets, discover interesting museums or stroll on over to one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe. Gouda offers many possibilities in providing your group an attractive package deal. 

Much more than cheese and syrup waffles! Gouda is one of the few towns with a free-standing, late Gothic town hall. This beautiful historic building, with its red-and-white shutters, stands in the centre of the Town Market. And what about the longest church in the Netherlands, the 123-metre Sint-Janskerk, with its 72 unique stained glass windows? Or the Goudse Waag that houses the Cheese and Crafts Museum? Not to mention Museum Gouda with its torture chamber and special expositions! Besides all this, Gouda also has a rich history of canals and waterways – a tour of which is highly recommended to glimpse the waterside charm of Gouda, past and present. Visitors can also experience the special atmosphere of traditional shops. With its rich nightlife, culture and history, a visit to Gouda is one of those unique experiences that visitors never forget!

Made-to-measure group arrangements
If you are looking for a group activity for a full day, we can arrange it in Gouda. We offer special arrangements for small and large groups. The unique combination of cheese, syrup waffles, Gouda pottery, a myriad of restaurants, museums, special workshops and the environs of Gouda add up to a more than successful day. Enjoyable activities, sumptuous meals and, if desired, overnight stays - all in a single package*. If you want a special arrangement made to measure for your clients, look no further. Tell us what you need and we’ll sit down together to plan the day. Our staff will gladly provide a suitable proposal!

Especially for drivers
Drivers often put in long days, with long waiting times. To help ease the boredom, we offer them a free cup of coffee at the Koffiefabriek (Coffee Factory) or Kruim. We will also give them a free map of the approach routes and parking areas for buses in Gouda.

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