• 1050 Reclamation around Gouda

    Ontginning Gouda

    The reclamation of the peat moor east and west of Gouda takes place in the 11 th century.

  • 1139 First mention of Gouda

    In 1139 the ‘Gouwe’ is mentioned for the first time, in a deed of the Bishop of Utrecht.

  • 1272 City rights

    Floris V

    In 1272 Count Floris V grants Gouda city rights.

  • 1350 Construction of city canals

    Gouda Vroeger

    The old inner city is located within the Fluwelensingel, Blekerssingel Kattensingel and Turfsingel canals and the Hollandsche Ijssel River.

  • 1361 First city fire

    Stadsbrand 1

    The first major city fire, during which the first Sint-Janskerk is destroyed.

  • 1395 Start of Gouda cheesemarket

    Kaasmarkt Vroeger
  • 1438 Second city fire

    Gouda Stadsbrand

    Only five houses are spared.

  • 1448 Construction of town hall

    Gouda Binnenstad 3090
  • 1470 Gouda beer production at its peak

    Gouds Bier

    At its peak, the city has some two hundred brewers producing 15 million litres of beer per year.

  • 1475 Erasmus lives as a small boy in Gouda

  • 1552 Reconstruction of Sint-Janskerk

    Sint Jan Herbouw

    After the devastating fire caused by lightning, the Sint-Janskerk is rebuilt under the guidance of Cornelis Frederickszoon van der Gouda, resulting in the church we see today.

  • 1668 Construction of De Waag

    Goudse Waag | Kaas- en ambachtenmuseum

    Designed by Pieter Post

  • 1673 Fourth plague epidemic


    20% of the population perishes.

  • 1750 Gouda clay pipe production at its peak

  • 1810 The first Gouda syrup waffle

    Gouda Treacle waffles
  • 1858 Establishment of candle factory

    Gouda candles

    Establishment of the N.V. Stearine Gouda candle factory, where the famous Gouda Candles are made. The industrialization of Gouda begins.

  • 1860 Last execution

    Schavot Terechtstelling

    Last execution on the gallows of the Town Hall. Death by hanging.

  • 1898 Start of Gouda ceramic (plateel)


    The Plateelfabriek Zuid-Holland was set up, where Gouda ceramic was made. Many pipe making factories changed to manufacturing ceramic.

  • 1944 WW 2, The station is bombed

    Bombardement Gouda Cs
  • 1956 First edition of Gouda by candlelight

    Town Hall, Gouda Candlelight

    Two years later the candle factory of Gouda, celebrating its 100 th anniversary, donates candles to place behind the windows of the town hall. This was the start to an annual tradition.

  • 1987 Start of the cheese markt for tourists

    Gouda Cheese Market

    Since then the real cheese trade has no longer taken place at the Markt.

  • 2022 Gouda 750th year anniversary