Everyone in the Netherlands is familiar with the syrup waffle and at one time or another has sunk their teeth into one of these biscuits from Gouda. Its original name is a syrup waffle. Invented for the poor who could not afford more expensive biscuits.

The oldest recipe discovered in Gouda dates back to the 19th century. In those days the waffles were baked using dough scraps and crumbs which were then filled with syrup. The bakers Van Vliet, Kamphuisen and Markus & Markus are happy to show you how the waffles are made. This taste of Gouda is of course not to be missed.

Punselie Cookie Company is also worth a visit. During the Second World War, when poverty was widespread, grandpa Punselie invented ‘the substitute of the Gouda syrup waffle’. The bakery regularly organises tours of the factory. Go to the Event Calendar at www.welcometogouda.com for dates and opening hours.