Have you always wanted to know how cheese is made word? Want to experience farm life up close? To view calves and stroke? Come to our cheese farm!  We make all of our milk cows delicious Gouda cheese. And you can experience how we do it.

There is opportunity to first cut a video of approximately fifteen minutes zien.Deze video is mainly in the whole process of cheese making heen.Van country and milking cows make cheese.  Then you get a guided tour and you can see how to make our artisanal Gouda cheese.

After the tour, of course, is you opportunity to taste cheeses and possibly buy.

For tours, we are open Monday / Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. (The shop is open to 18:00).

The cost is € 3:00 pp

Tours are held at the following times, should you prefer to come another time, please call. (0182-351229)

  • 11:00 German
  • 11:30 Dutch
  • 13:00 French
  • 13:30 English

See you at Kaasboerderij Jongenhoeve!