't Kaaswinkeltje

Wonderfull Gouda farmhouse cheese!

‘t Kaaswinkeltje is an authentic and special shop in the heart of Gouda’s historic town centre, and has been specialised in farmhouse cheese for generations.

The cheese is still made in the traditional way on the farms around Gouda. The cheese is not pasteurised, which preserves its special taste. Due to its limited production, this delicious cheese is not available for export, and so within your reach in this shop, in many different age affinations. There are always some 40 to 50 types of cheese available for you to taste, free of any obligation. Why not try the ”Sikkepit”,  a goats’ cheese that is matured for no less than twelve months and that has recently won the golden medal at the International Cheese Awards 2016/2017. ’t Kaaswinkeltje is the only shop in Gouda allowed to offer this cheese! The cheese is vacuumed packed to ensure it is convenient to take away and store for three to four months.