Cheese farm the Ruyge Weyde is a fifth generation family cheesefarm in Oudewater, where they make real Gouda Farmers Cheese since 1847. Nowadays there are about 17000 dairy farms in Holland, of which only about 100 make real farmers cheese from fresh ‘unpasteurised’ milk. From these are not much more than 10 dairy farms Organic, including this cheesefarm! Since December 2018 they are the only cheese farm in Holland who combine making farmers cheese, being a organic dairy farm, a milking robot and a 100% grazing.

They create a higher value by making cheese from the milk of their own cows and by selling it on markets independently. This is not the only thing they are good at. It’s also the thing they are proud of! Because they control the whole process from calf till consumer they can set the bar high. You can taste this in the quality of their Organic Ruyge Weyde cheese.

All cows at this farm are born there and graze every year from April till November in the fields. They also think carefully about the ration of the cows. Soy and other processed products (like GMO) are not applied here.

Improving a special product on quality is what they go for, since 1847!