On 19 July 2022 it is 750 years ago that Gouda received its city rights. We will celebrate our anniversary extensively with a festive opening in April 2022. In September 2022 Gouda750 will conclude with a grand week-long summer fest.

Highlight of the celebrations is, among others, the Sint-Janskerk with its unique Gouda Glass which can be admired in its original 16th-century state when it was still a Catholic church. Discover the 50 variations on the Gouda Cheese Maid, a ‘Dutch Icon’, located all around town. In July 2022 the event Gouda Water Town will host a special edition of a ‘sail’ featuring historic merchant ships. Of course, the GOUDA CHEESE MARKET which showcases the ancient Gouda crafts will take place every Thursday until well into September.

Gouda celebrates!
For six months the town will host a variety of big and small festive events. There will be sporting events, theatre, historic events, walking tours in the city and expositions. From mid-July 2021 the programme will be published. In 2022 Gouda is the place to enjoy your summer holiday!

Prior to the anniversary, starting in the last quarter of 2021, various events will come in a special Gouda750 edition. This includes
familiar events such as Crazy Saturday,
Gouda by Candlelight and the Gouda Ice Rink.

Are you coming to our party?

The festivities are for everyone, for all
ages, young and old, for citizens of Gouda and visitors. During Gouda750 the town will show off all its beauty. Together we
will celebrate Gouda750!

“Gouda is a time machine, you can take a step back into every century”
Klara Smeets, town poet 2011 - 2014

April - September 2022

For more information on the programme, go to: www.gouda750.nl