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Exploring Cheese Valley: How To Spend A Weekend In Gouda & Surroundings

10 November 2023

At only 2 hours from Brussels and 1 hour from Amsterdam, you can find the cheese region of The Netherlands, Cheese Valley. Gouda and its surrounding villages are known for their cheese production, with numerous farmers producing Gouda cheese, more than 15 million kg of cheese stored in Woerden, and countless kinds of cheese to taste. But did you know that Gouda cheese is actually not made in Gouda? It’s produced in its surrounding villages and sold in the city!

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Gouda Unveiled: Discovering Historic Charm in the Dutch Cheese Capital

29 June 2023

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48 hr in Gouda

27 June 2023

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The Guardian | Easy does it: 10 of the best short breaks in Europe by train and ferry

5 April 2022

Don’t be put off by the thought of busy airports – take it slow and enjoy these trips taking in beaches, cities, spas and great food and drink, by ferry or train

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VVV Turfmarkt avond

New York Times | 52 Places for a Changed World

19 January 2022

A Dutch treat for cheese lovers an those wanting to get beyond Amsterdam

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Bloomberg Pursuits | Where to Go in 2022

19 January 2022

The 25 most exciting destinations to share with family and friends this year—and the data you need to plan your trip safely.

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My London Lifestyle | GOUDA, HOLLAND

31 August 2021

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Top Sights and Activities in Gouda

27 August 2020

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Gorgeous Gouda | By Keith Jenkins

21 August 2020

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Best Food Spots in Gouda | Anne Travel Foodie

11 August 2020

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IFLY KLM magazine: Gratifying Gouda

19 September 2019

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Travel. Sapori d’Olanda: “Say Cheese, say GOUDA!”

13 September 2019

Mi suggeriscono di dire questo quando si sorride per scattare le foto: Say Cheese Say Gouda (e mi raccomando la pronuncia: si dice “hhhauda”!)

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Cosa Vedere A Gouda Centro

Cosa vedere a Gouda, la città olandese del formaggio

5 June 2019

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Goudse Ijsbaan Gouwekerk Vanaf Terras

El País - 28 Inspiraciones para un 2019 muy viajero

15 January 2019

La ciudad holandesa de Gouda, a 20 kilómetros de Róterdam, es famosa por sus quesos

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Gouda Walk 800X449

Got to go to Gouda!

13 September 2018

Experienced travellers Vicky and Chris of Eat Sleep Love Travel tell you all about their trip to Gouda.

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Keramiekdagen Sintjangoudseglazen1

I Becoming Dutch - Gouda

16 August 2018

My domestic travel life in the Netherlands embracing Dutch culture and exploring Haarlem, Amsterdam and more.

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Sweet Dreams in Cheese Valley

29 June 2018

Cheese Valley is a small region in an area known as the Green Heart of Holland, covering four towns and cities, each with its own cheese history and traditions.

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Holanda além de Amsterdã, tulipas e moinhos: conheça a cidade de Gouda

29 June 2018

A palavra Gouda te lembra alguma coisa além daquele queijo redondo que vem dentro da latinha?

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Secret Gouda

29 June 2018

Your free self-guided walking tour of Gouda with the best things to do in Gouda

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Worldschooling in Gouda

11 May 2018

Gouda is great fun for the family and worldschooling. Why? Because, what kid does not love cheese? Ours all do, and (to be honest) so do I, therefore Gouda, pronounced How dah, was anticipated with an air of excitement. This gorgeous town has a great history all tied up with Cheese. Therefore making it the ideal spot to do some worldschooling. Learning and eating go quite nicely together! Gouda is located in South Holland, a Midwest province of the Netherlands and famous for… you guessed it. Cheese!

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Pieter Pourbus Annunciation 2


16 April 2018

Blog by Arts Talk Magazine about the exhibition of Pieter Pourbus at Museum Gouda

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Review guided tour of Gouda Cheese Market

9 October 2017

"Going back in time - as well as into the future - accessibly"

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Having a Cheese-tastic Time!

9 October 2017

Cheese Valley is a collaboration between Gouda, Krimpenerwaard, Bodegraven-Reeuwijk and Woerden and tells the story from cow to cheese.

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Gouda Cheese Weighing House 2

Say Cheese – You’ll Be Smiling In Gouda

19 June 2017

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Gouda Cheese Market

Six stops on a south Holland family road trip

20 April 2017

Last spring, we visited south Holland, staying in a holiday park by the sea.

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A morning at Gouda cheese market, with Lego and smurf ice-cream

20 April 2017

South Holland’s a reliable place when it comes to family holidays

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Gouda – a cheese for all seasons

12 April 2017

We have many cheese choices in specialist shops and even our local supermarket. Gouda can easily be overlooked.

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scale model of Gouda (Museum Gouda)

Around Gouda

7 April 2016

In the Middle Ages a settlement was founded by the Van der Goude family, who built a castle on the banks of the Gouwe River.

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Gouda Cheese Market

Gouda Cheese Market

13 September 2015

If you enjoy cheese plus insights into regional heritage and culinary traditions then make a note to visit Gouda's long established cheese market next summer.

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