Get on an E-Chopper or E-FatBike from E-Chopper Adventures and experience the Green Heart in a unique way! Coronaproof, sustainable and fun.

E-Chopper Adventures offers unique routes, put together with the Chocolate Factory and Streekarchief Midden-Holland. Get carried away along the Reeuwijkse Plassen or the Meije, marvel at the green polder landscape and quietly enjoy the beauty that you encounter along the way. From cheese farms to special windmills and from historic villages and small towns to fine restaurants. Or how about a silent ride through the polder during sunset?

E-Chopper Adventures is located in the centre of Gouda. In less than 5 minutes you drive into the polder. Start your tour with a nice cup of coffee, lunch or finish with a drink at our partner Kruim Gouda.

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