De Nieuwe Brouwerij is based in Gouda, the ancient beer capital of Europe.

Centuries ago, Gouda became the beer capital of Europe through a confluence of circumstances. In the 15th century, for instance, there were no less than 200 (!) breweries in Gouda.

From the Green Heart, brewers supplied thirsty Europeans with their beloved beer. De Nieuwe Brouwerij wants to restore this wonderful tradition by putting Gouda back on the map as a proud beer city.

Gouda is known for its crafts. Gouda cheese and Gouda syrup waffles are loved all over the world. De Nieuwe Brouwerij wants to add back to that the original product: Gouda beer. Craft made, together with the city.

Our goal is to bring beer lovers together. To let them enjoy craft beer with the best combination of people, moments and ingredients.

Together we are The New Brewery. United in beer.