Gouda Pipes

A Gouda pipe is a ceramic tobacco pipe, which many men smoked in the 18th century. In 1606, English mercenaries arrived in the Netherlands as reinforcements for Gouda. They taught the people of Gouda how to make the pipes. Later, in 1660, the Guild of Gouda Pipe Makers was founded. With the arrival of wooden pipes, the cigar and popularity of cigarettes, the trade seemed to be dying out - but the opposite was true.

The Gouda pipes can be marvelled at in the Schatkamer of Museum Gouda. The city walk ‘De Goudse Pijp’ is available from VVV Gouda and in the free app xplre Gouda.

The homepage of the website shows you when there are demo's. They will show you how they make the real pipes from Gouda in de Waag.