Weekly on Thursday, starting from Apr 4, 2024, until Aug 29, 2024.

Not on 9 May
Start time: 10:00 - End time: 12:30

A Thursday morning in Gouda, somewhere between April and September. Soon you can hear the handshaking of the cheese traders and farmers.

And there they are: the famous Gouda cheese girls, surrounded by a crowd. There is a coming and going of cheese briquettes, pulled by horses. They come to a halt just before the Weigh House in Gouda. Cheese boys jump off and start throwing over the cheeses, unloading the carts. The cheeses are then weighed on the original scales in De Goudse Waag.

You can enjoy the world-famous cheese, but also stalls filled with regional products. In addition to the cheese trade and cheese making, there is also a crafts market. There is also plenty to do in Gouda in the afternoon. For example, you can join a canal tour or walk with the Gouda Guides Guild. At Berg's Bakery, you can take part in a syrup waffle baking workshop. Or take part in the Beer-Wine-Kaas battle at museum harbour café IJsselhuis Gouda and find out which combination tastes best.