Lange Groenendaal 32
2801 LT  Gouda

+31 (0) 182529975

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Secret Gouda (29 June 2018)

Since 1989, van Vliet's Syrup Waffles has been a new offshoot of the Van den Berg family business. Van Vliet has been baking the real Gouda Syrup Waffles with craftsmanship for more than a hundred years, based on an old, secret recipe with its own unique taste. A wonderful gift for both business and pleasure.

In addition to the syrup waffles, we also sell various other matching products, such as syrup wafer liqueur, syrup waffle pastries, chocolate syrup, etc.

Every Thursday at 3 pm there is a syrup waffle making workshop. Tickets are available at VVV Gouda for € 6.50 p.p.