An Escape Tour is a city game which takes place in the centre of the city concerned. Using our app, which you install on your own smartphone, you will take a nice walk through the city along the most unique spots. You will have 2 hours to solve all riddles, decipher clues and answer questions correctly.

The game cannot be paused, so keep in mind that you will be on the move for 2 hours (how active depends on your teammates ;)). During the game there is no time for a nice cup of coffee or a refreshing beer on the terrace. But you'll just do that afterwards, won't you? Hopefully to celebrate the victory of course!

Escape Tours the same as Escape Rooms?

You might be wondering if an Escape Tour is the same as an Escape Room.... Apart from the fact that the names are very similar and in both cases you will solve various riddles and have to decipher clues to escape, there are few similarities. An Escape Tour is a city game with the 'escape' theme, so an Escape Room is not the same thing.

Receive all instructions and game explanations immediately

You will receive all information and instructions by e-mail and via the app. There is no instructor on site to further explain the citygame. After booking, you can therefore start the game whenever you want! Another point to bear in mind is that events are sometimes organised in city centres. As a result, you may not be able to play the game optimally. So it is wise to check beforehand.