With Escape Xperience, you experience the city in a new, fun and interactive way. It's like an escape room, but outside in the city! It is a self-guided tour, so you can start whenever you are ready. Using the app, you walk through the city while solving puzzles and riddles. Each Xperience has an exciting storyline, where you help the protagonist escape or complete an urgent mission.

This City Xperience takes you back to the year 1800 in Gouda. Ans van Kempen is a widow with three children, who is in danger of being evicted from her house. She has one last chance to get money. An ancestor of her husband worked for Countess Jacoba in the now demolished castle on the outskirts of Gouda. She donated gold bars to him, which he hid in a secret tunnel under her castle. For generations, a paper with instructions has been passed around with which the entrance to the tunnel should be found, but no one has ever succeeded. Will you manage to find it within two hours?

This Xperience will lead you past 20 locations: attractions of the city and lesser-known spots. It costs 25 euros per team (from 1 to 4 people).

How does it work?

1. You book your Xperience on our website
2. You download the Loquiz app
3. You will receive the login details by email, after the booking payment has been completed.
4. You can start the game whenever you want!

Website: https://escape-xperience.nl/steden/gouda/