Date: By arrangement

Location: Wilhelmina van Pruisenlaan 139, 2807 KH Gouda

Are you open to learning something new? Then follow the Workshop Encaustic Art...drawing from your feelings. Then follow the Workshop Encaustic Art ....... drawing from your feelings. You need have absolutely no painting or drawing experience! While enjoying lovely soothing music and a drink, we will paint intuitively with beeswax. You will make your own Encaustic Art drawing entirely from your feelings. The trick is to really let go of everything and follow your feelings. This is how the most beautiful drawings are created. During the workshop, beautiful images emerge, which may have a certain meaning for you. It is great to discover what happens to you when you "let go" and follow your feelings. Letting go will be quite a challenge for some. Encaustic Art is a technique in which you make abstract or figurative drawings using a painting iron (a small iron) and different colours of beeswax. You heat the wax on the painting iron and then apply it to special paper.

Adults €25,- p.p. including framed drawing/reading