We wouldn't call it a lunchroom or coffee bar. Nor a sandwich shop, for that matter. At our place you eat bagels, not sandwiches. We have put the bagel on the map in the Netherlands, and we are quite proud of that. Our coffee comes from a small-scale family plantation on the hills of the Baru volcano in Panama, where they still do almost everything by hand.

Besides finger-licking toasted bagels (and coffee to lick your cup), we pamper you with goodies and healthy food for breakfast, lunch, brunch or snack:

organic yoghurt
fresh juices
crisp salads
muffins, cakes and banana bread
tea, chocolate milk and much more

Take a look at our menu
There are plenty of delicious, healthy and special things on the menu, but Bagels & Beans is about more. We want to be an oasis of calm and reflection in an increasingly fast-paced world. That's why we call ourselves 'the sanctuary for coffee, bagels and happiness'. And that's why we say: do you want a nice and cosy lunch? Then join us. It's tasty and healthy too.

Healthy, vegan and organic
Ever since the first Bagels & Beans opened in 1996, we have paid special attention to sustainable products and conscious eating. For example, we use organic meat and responsibly caught fish from Fish Tales. No meat? Then try our hallucinatingly delicious paddo burger or one of the other vegetarian options.
All our bagels (the bagels themselves, not the toppings) are vegan, with one exception: the gluten-free bagel and the Prana. Ask our staff about vegan choices, we have some fun and surprising options on the menu.

No gluten? No problem: we have a special gluten-free bagel. When preparing, we follow a procedure to avoid 'contamination' by products containing gluten. Among other things, we use clean cutlery and a clean cutting board.

And if you really want to taste Gouda on your bagel, we have a bagel with Gouda cheese!