Klein Amerika 20
2806 CA  Gouda



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Worldschooling in Gouda (11 May 2018)

Always in operation, you can visit it seven days a week, which is why it is called a factory!

Traditionally, it has always been a Chocolate processing factory. Since 2014, it houses Gouda’s town library, the regional archives of Middle Holland, Gouda’s printer’s workshop and Kruim Food & Drink. The Chocolate Factory offers an inspirational, dynamic environment where there is always something to do and discover - a place where people enjoy sharing knowledge and the collection, a place where knowledge meets craftsmanship.

Stop by and have a look, read, share, enjoy unique encounters, rich history and the cultural hustle and bustle. It has everything, including food and drink - from aromatic coffee to tasty dishes from Kruim. While the children are searching for a book or discovering the marvels of language in the youth workshop, you can enjoy the outdoor air on the patio. Look up and meet Leo Vroman, a poet and scientist from Gouda, a work of art standing three-metres high, sculptured by Jeroen Henneman.

The Chocolate Factory is easily reachable by bicycle, car or public transport. Within five minutes, you can walk through the market square with its famous, historic Town Hall. You can park around the corner (Klein Amerika parking) and the wifi is free.