Kamphuisen at De Vlaam

Kamphuisen, temptingly delicious 

Syrup waffle bakers in heart and soul. Based on the secret Gouda recipe of the Kamphuisen syrup waffle from 1810, a tempting and delicious Gouda biscuit. The bakers  of De Vlaam select the best ingredients with passion and care. A start is then made on preparing the dough with Zeeland flour, Dutch butter, sugar and free-range eggs. Whilst the caramel syrup simmers on the fire, two wafer-thin crispy waffles are baked. It is this combination of the syrupy caramel between the double-baked crispy waffles that makes the Kamphuisen syrup waffles so temptingly delicious. Whilst baking in the oven, a special iron ensures for a unique checked design incorporating the Kamphuisen name.

Since 1810

The Kamphuisen confectioners family have looked after this rich history well. Over 200 years ago, Pieter Willem Kamphuijsen opened his biscuit bakery in Gouda and probably started selling biscuits around 1810. Nowadays that year is accepted as the date when the Kamphuisen syrup waffle, allegedly the oldest syrup waffle recipe in Gouda, was first introduced. In 2017 the Kamphuisen syrup waffle bakery opens its door to the public. For Kamphuisen syrup waffles and gift packages, visit the shop on the Markt 69 or go to the website.