Our menu features many Greek dishes and wines.

Anyone who has visited Greece once will certainly go back again to enjoy the hospitality of the Greek people,the culture and the sunny island. And last but not least,the delicious food that goes so well with everything Greece stands for. Our menu features many Greek dishes and wines. Visitors to Greece will therefore undoubtedly recognise dishes they enjoyed at the time.

We can assure you that they will taste as good in our restaurant as they did at your Greek holiday destination. To put you in a real Greek mood, the ambience is purely Greek, as is the music.

In addition, our chefs are real Greeks who know their trade.

All this together guarantees an enjoyable and tasty evening.

You can also enjoy our dishes and wines at home.

Besides takeaway, we also provide catering for your company. There is also the possibility of having your party at our restaurant for groups of up to 80 people.

We have a 2nd floor in the restaurant where you can enjoy your evening undisturbed with your company.