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2801ZJ  Gouda

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Worldschooling in Gouda (11 May 2018)

Because of the corona measures, until further notice, no tours are provided in the Punselie's Cookie Factory.

Have you been to Punselie’s biscuit factory yet?

In 1872 they started a bakery in Gouda. Grandpa Johannes soon specialized in biscuits: Gouda squares, Gouda sprits, Gouda mop, or Gouda Jan Hagel. In 1945, son Bertus was the inventor of "the replacement of the Gouda stroopwafel". It was said that this was necessary because the sexton of the Sint Janskerk had said that there was no cash in hand to treat the choir to real ones. Bertus glued 2 Gouda squares together with a caramel syrup filling in between and the Punselie was born. Later, the bakery started to produce a (with dashes) biscuit. They came up with the first plastic tray and packed their cookies with the first Dutch packaging machine. When Bertus retired, his two sons took over the company.

The company, which produces 40,000 biscuits per hour, is currently headed by grandson Ronald Punselie. The company is located in the middle of the city center of Gouda and, although it naturally meets today's requirements, has a nostalgic and museum look.


Because of the corona measures, until further notice, no tours are provided in the Punselie's Cookie Factory.

Today, Punselie Cookie Company has opened the factory gate to visitors. From the visitor center at Spieringstraat 107, where interested parties are received with coffee and tea and of course a Punselie syrup cookie, mini tours are provided, starting from one person!
This is a shorter tour than the one for large groups that come with coaches, but no less fun :-)

You can register for this in the Punselie shop at Spieringstraat 107, where you can watch a short video and drink a cup of coffee. There is also ample opportunity to purchase cookies for the home.

Price: € 7.80 p.p. (incl. 1 coffee / tea and biscuits to taste)

Time: 9:30 am to 12:00 pm - there is a guided tour every half hour

Guided tour for groups of 8 to 25 people.

Max. 25 people. Entrance + welcome + coffee / tea with unlimited tasty fresh Punselie biscuits + Short video + guided tour in white coats + box (200 grams) biscuits for at home.

Price: € 12.80 per person.
Start 10:00 am or 11:00 am.

Book by email or by phone.

Wheelchair accessible
Depending on the age, we also organize children's parties, where besides decorating cookies, a visit is also made to the bakery!
Questions about guided tours: rondleidingen@punselie.nl