Due to circumstances, syrup waffle and patisserie van den Berg / Van Vliet is closed until further notice.

Patisserie Van Vliet specialises in baking the ‘Gouda syrup waffle’ according to an ancient, still secret recipe. Besides these renowned biscuits, Van Vliet also offers other syrup waffle specialities that you do not want to miss:

The real ‘Gouda syrup waffle Liqueur’
A splendid sweet liqueur to go with a cup of coffee or to have as an after-dinner drink. The ‘Gouda Syrup Waffle Liqueur’ comes in bottles of various sizes.

The ‘syrup waffle Chocolate Truffles’
The truffles are packed in various ways so that they are easy to take home or give as a gift.

During the GOUDA CHEESE MARKET you can even come here to bake your own Gouda syrup waffle! With the sweet aroma tickling your nostrils, the proud bakers will tell you everything you need to know about Gouda syrup waffles. Here, you can not only buy tasty delicacies to enjoy at home, but you can also sit down in the bakery café and have a lunch prepared with regional products.