Mexican restaurant!

Xochimilco exists known for its ceviche, pollo maximilano, enchiladas, chocolate cake, its freshly made quacamole and, of course, not forgetting the delicious sizzling fajitas! At Xochimilco, we use fresh produce to get the optimal taste and quality.

We have many authentic dishes on our menu think about using mole pasta, this is a pasta with many different spices with cocoa as the main ingredient. Many dishes with different peppers such as: ancho, chipotle, passila and jalapeno peppers. We also have different tortillas, our corn tortillas we use to make our own fresh nacho chips. We also have enchiladas, tacos, burritos and tostadas.

We also have some for the little ones. Special children's dishes such as: small spare ribs, burritos and home-made chicken nuggets.